Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally Book Number 4!

This was yet another great book from the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. She definitely pushed the envelope with this one and has your head spinning. I Loved it so much I'm thinking of starting it again. I can't wait to hear what you guys think!


Patty's World said...

I'm loving it.

I'm only two thirds of the way through it but it has been very enjoyable. I cannot wait to see what happens. It doesn't look like the series will end with this book. Does anyone know if she is planning to write another one?

East Coast Pratts said...

I thought the same thing but she ends it really well it could go either way. It doesn't leave you dying for another, not that I wouldn't mind. But it's not like 1,2 or 3 where you just have to have the next one to survive. I know they've said she's focusing on rewriting #1 from Edward's point of view so if there's going to be a 5th book it won't be for awhile.

Kid Feed Mommy said...

I just finished reading it yesterday and I loved it.


A few of my thoughts:

1. I really missed Edward in this book. Yes, he was there, but he felt like a small supporting character much of the time. Part of this is because half the book was from Jacob's point of view. I kept wishing I could hear more from Edward. Stephenie Meyer created in him a character that we love, so it was sad not getting to see more of him. I wanted to hear more of his thoughts and emotions after Bella changed, and I also wanted to see more of his relationship with Renesmee. That was my biggest disappointment... the lack of Edward.

2. Since when do people call Jasper "Jazz"??? I thought that was kind of funny and weird that suddenly people were calling him that and I don't remember that from the other books.

3. I loved Renesmee. At first I was weirded out by her name, but by the end of the book it seemed totally normal. I loved how Bella was so adamant about calling her by her given name and not Nessie. Such a mom thing! LOL. I definitely like Renesmee better than Nessie. But it seems like by the end even Bella gave in. Oh well. :)

4. In the other three books I hated Jacob. I couldn't understand WHY Bella had to have some part of her that needed to be around him. He would've been find as a friend, but he was just so pushy and forceful and said such cruel things to Edward. Something I never thought would happen, though. By the end of this book I loved Jacob! Finally I understood... I understood why there was a part of Bella that couldn't let go of Jacob... it's because of Renesmee! That made everything better. Jacob became a lovable character by the end. Once he imprinted, it's like he matured and became a man.

5. Emmett was so funny in this book. I loved his one-liners.

6. I loved Charlie in this book. What a sweetheart. I'm happy for him that he found love and that he was able to continue being family with Bella.

7. Stephenie Meyer surprised me when there was NOT a big battle at the end. I was so sure there was going to be a battle with everyone using their abilities to fight. I was impressed with the way she ended it somewhat peacefully. I was glad because I didn't want any of the Cullens to die in a fight, but I was also annoyed because I would've loved to see the Volturi destroyed. Speaking of the Volturi... their continued existence is one way I can see SM continuing in her writing about this world and these characters.

8. The wedding scene was amazing! I loved the description and I loved the way Edward looked so overjoyed during the whole thing. It was beautiful.

9. Should this book have come with a rating? As a married woman, I thought this book was pretty intense and racy for a "teen" book. I was glad she didn't write anything graphic, but still, it was kind of graphic in a way. I'm not sure I'd want my daughter to read that book when she's 11 or 12, and I know lots of 11 and 12 year olds are reading it! I wonder what they will do if they make this one into a movie?

10. Does anyone else thing this series would be great as a TV show? I know they're already doing movies, but how cool would it be if they made a TV show someday? I think it would be awesome. There are so many interesting characters with great abilities. The writers would have endless ways to go in their plots.

I could go on and on, I think, but I'd better stop for now!

ryanminor said...

Just finished it tonight. I thought it was very good, though it is not my favorite of the series. I'm haven't decided which of the priors are my favorite yet. I agree that it felt sort of strange to have much of the book written from Jacob's point of view. It felt a bit disjointed that way. I also felt a sort of sadness throughout the book after Bella was changed. It felt like some of what made Bella and Edward so great was diminished somehow. The impossibly unlikely union was made more commonplace when Bella lost her "human" self. I was wishing that somehow, she could stay human, because the love that existed between them was so unique. Even though she was so breakable and he so indestructible, they were utterly dependent on the other. Even though Stephenie went to great lengths, I think, to show an increase in their emotion for each other after Bella's change, it still seemed to lose some of the magic that existed when they were both from different worlds. Does that make any sense? Don't get me wrong though, I still read it in less than a week and thought it was great. -L