Monday, April 28, 2008

Book 2 in the Series.

This is the second book in Anne Rice's series about Christ. (Thus the name.) Anne Rice is most famous for a very different kind of book. She became found the Lord after her husband died. Since then she has started this highly researched historical novel series. I just finished the second book. It took longer to get into than the first one but was well worth the effort of sticking with it. I would recommend reading both.


Gaerte Family said...

BTW, I did not start this book club blog just to brag about all the books I am reading. (I don't sleep much these days.)
Feel free to list books from before the blog was started or books that you have heard about and want to see if anyone has read. Don't force me to give reading assignments. Just kidding!

Patty's World said...

Candis...c'mon..try and get some sleep. You can't read that much you have kids!

Gaerte Family said...

Patty, my kids are the reason I don't sleep. Ask your mom about my little ray of sunshine, Emilia.